Seminar Registration

Seminar Registration– Life Coaching for Teens

Helping young people build solid foundations and skills for a successful future. The attention is on career preparation with the intention of guiding young people in preparing for gainful employment for life. Many of the skills and material taught will be useful both now and well into their professional careers.

There are many reasons to begin this process early including what to study in high school or college, but the real intent is to give young people a better sense of themselves – their strengths, interests, and opportunities. Information in these seminars can save thousands of dollars on education costs or getting off track.

Seminars are independent of each other but taking them as a series will provide maximum benefit.

Seminar Registration
Informational meeting for parents about planning for college and future career success.If you don’t do anything else, at least sign up to come to one of these. Teens and adolescents welcome to attend. 1 hour,$20/family.
Introductory “jump-start” in career planning and development and laying a foundation for the future. We will determine basic career direction and next steps in what to study in school. Includes cost of JUMP assessment and home access. Come ready to take notes and feel more confident about your future.1 ½ hours, $85
A more in-depth career planning session based on aptitude and innate skills. Comprehensive and informative, with information that can be applied now and in the future. Be prepared to be blown away by how many skills you already have, and where you can use them. 3 hours, $150
Specialized seminar for those who feel they have decided on a career path. Time to ramp it up. This small group seminar is intense and primarily focused on future success.Designed as a strategy seminar where you will learn how to maximize your efforts and opportunities. You don’t need to wait until college to put strategies into place, you can begin now, positioning yourself for future success. 4 hours, $200

Prior registration required for all events. Confirmation will be sent via email, so please write legibly.