You are the boss, the leader, the final decision maker.

The buck stops at your desk. It can be lonely at the top, especially when anxiety or stress start to get in the way. It’s important to have a safe place to process, plan, and discuss. A place away from work and home with someone who understands the challenges of being the boss, and how crucial your role is to profitability and the bottom line.

And can help you get fresh perspective.

Ignoring or hiding from issues won’t make them go away. Bring them in and let’s address them. So you can get to the best version of yourself – a better boss, better partner or parent, and better quality of life.

BOS was designed specifically for business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. You carry a heavy load of responsibility, including holding people’s livelihoods and financial security in your hands.

This is an intensive program to address specific issues that are creating obstacles to success or future growth such as high anxiety, stress, depression, burn-out, substance use, guilt, poor choices, fear, failures or fear of failures, relationship challenges, poor health, etc. Any one of these can derail a leader and have a domino effect on a business and productivity.

We will meet to discuss your needs and develop a program that works for you around your goals. Generally, sessions are multiple hours at a time or several times a week, either in person or virtual, with support via texting if desired. Programs typically start at $5000 per month. These are called “intensives” and allow us to get further, faster.

Most clients only need this level of engagement for 1-3 months. After that time, we move to a “maintenance” phase, for accountability and continued progress. The frequency of your maintenance phase will be discussed and we will develop a plan that works best for you to help you continue to reach for new heights.