BOS jr

Helping young people reach their potential.


BOS jr is similar to the BOS program, but is designed for a much younger audience, for those teens and young adults who are up-and-coming and who have the potential of becoming great leaders and visionaries. Our education system can only take our kids so far, and often does not support or encourage young entrepreneurs or highly creative kids to reach higher than just grades, tests and college applications. They can do much more.

The focus of BOS jr is helping young people learn success principles and how to flourish despite circumstances such as bullying, poor grades, lack of interest in school, or low self-esteem. ALL young people have the capacity for greatness.

This looks different for each individual however, and the self-discovery we delve into is a big part of the program. Helping kids learn about their strengths and unique talents goes a long way to build not only self-esteem, but self-worth and self-value, tools your child will be able to tap into for a lifetime.

When kids feel good about themselves they are less likely to make poor decisions that can get them off track, or follow others who are going down disastrous paths. Kids that value themselves naturally become leaders, even if they start by only leading themselves.

This an intensive program with specific goals and results in mind. Sessions are multiple hours at a time or several times a week, which are called “intensives” and allow us to get further, in a shorter period of time. With young people, it is preferable to have the majority of sessions in person, however, great results have also been achieved with virtual sessions.

Programs typically start at $5000 per month.

In some cases, BOSjr has been chosen by parents in place of inpatient care at a psych hospital or rehab facility, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis and is not intended to be a substitute for inpatient care.