Services are provided hourly, or as customized programs based on individual needs and goals. Custom programs are designed after our first meeting and are re-evaluated frequently, to make sure you are getting what you need. Most custom programs are delivered as "Intensives", which are multiple hours at a time, or multiple days in a week. Intensives condense therapy and typically provide faster results. Intensives are very individualized and are intended for maximum efficiency and results. Costs for intensives is dependent upon the program developed.

While I do take some insurance, please know that insurance only covers an hour a week, so would not apply to Intensives.

Below is a description of some common custom programs developed in the past:

Therapeutic Life Coaching

A new approach to life coaching that incorporates psychotherapy techniques and mental health counseling, so goes into more depth than traditional coaching.

Career Consulting

Career counseling is much more than finding a career or writing a resume. It is about choices that affect your entire life, an ongoing process to ensure gainful employment and career advancement.

Executive Program

Highly individualized program for executives and high profile individuals who need an extra level of confidentiality and “safe place” to discuss frustrations, concerns, personal issues, etc. Includes various methods of delivery – F2F, home visits, phone, secure video. The same program has been used for young adult children of executives, and is the pre-cursor to the Aftercare Program.

Summer Programs for teens

Series of workshops to address planning for the future and how to begin building a foundation for success now. Workshops build upon each other with varying levels of intensity and depth.

Peer groups

Small process groups designed to inspire and empower members. 3 types of groups are available - weekly, young adults/teens, business intensives. Note: Due to COVID19, peer groups are not available at this time.

Productivity coaching

Focuses on thought patterns and underlying behaviors that affect productivity. Is individualized to situation and goals to be met, and includes high level of interaction. Can easily be adapted to fit the needs of a variety of groups – teens, millennials, employees, business leaders, individuals. Includes team building, leadership, increasing awareness, and thinking outside one’s “box”.

Aftercare program

Customized program for individuals leaving addiction treatment who want a higher level of care and accountability. Designed to address their specific needs, including resources for long term sobriety. Includes psychotherapy and therapeutic coaching, generally delivered as intensives in extended length sessions.

Return to Work Program

Interactive curriculum for groups designed to develop and manage successful employment, for a lifetime. Creating and/or Re-creating yourself in the Workforce.

Company Culture

One of the most important aspects of any company because it affects customer engagement, employee retention, and business sustainability. Every company has a culture, even if they are unaware of it.