Mental Health Innovators

Mental Health Innovators is an online community where we discuss and explore more holistic and innovative approaches to mental health care.

We explore the opportunities of emerging techniques and perspectives beyond traditional approaches. We embrace and facilitate collaboration among mental health and wellness practitioners focused on the cutting edge of mental health care.

For Practitioners:

The attitudes around “mental health” are changing. The realization that there is “good” mental health, and “not-so-good” mental health, is gaining awareness. Mental health is becoming viewed more like we do with physical health. This is a very good thing for everyone, because mental health affects everything in our lives, including our physical health and well-being.

As these attitudes are changing so is the demand for better services in treatment and care. As practitioners, this is the time to bring creativity and innovation into our practices and service offerings.

In response to these evolving changes, a new community has been developed as a hub for mental health practitioners to expand their knowledge, connect with colleagues, and explore new avenues in the mental health realm.

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