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The once-a-week therapy model dictated by insurance companies is changing. In our fast-paced, on-demand, self-diagnosing, self-medicating society, the weekly model is losing favor. For many people, it’s just not fast enough. Too often, their story is cut short because of time constraints and hard to pick up the same story the next week, because things change so quickly. There is a great need for mental health services and addiction support but the model we have been using for years is not a good fit for many people.

What’s the solution??


What is an “Intensive”? – Intensives are psychotherapy or therapeutic life coaching sessions of longer length, or multiple times in a week, with a more results-driven approach. This can condense the time spent working on issues and increase the momentum towards accomplishing goals. Intensives can also use a combination of delivery systems, including face-to-face, email, online, and texting, that are tailored to the needs of the individual.

What do intensives offer over traditional sessions? – better use of time, easy to customize, sessions have more flow and momentum, has more of a “completion” feel, less rushed, more opportunity to use advanced treatments, less distractions, better focus, faster results.

Most of my sessions are done as Intensives. It has been very successful for my patients and clients in helping them find solutions and relief from stress or symptoms in a shorter period of time than with the traditional weekly model. We will discuss the type of program which will work for you when we discuss your specific needs. There are many options and are easily customized to you.

Please note – insurance typically only covers an hour a week so is not applicable to Intensives.

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