About Us

W elcome to NewStarts. Thanks for visiting. Please use this site to educate yourself and be an informed consumer. The work I do seems simple - helping individuals and companies get more out of life and business, but it is as individual as you are. We do this by tapping into the vast treasures of your untapped potential. If you are lucky, you will discover these treasures over your lifetime. But imagine if you didn't have to wait that long, that you learned to recognize your amazing potential now and used it to add to your success, NOW. Just imagine the opportunities and what you could accomplish....
Inspire others to reach their full potential and Do Great Things.


For adults

Career Management and Advancement Consulting
Life Coaching
Work Stress
Executive Support
Success Initiatives
Maximizing Opportunities
Personal Potential and Development
Addiction Management

For teens and
young adults

Career Direction
Career Advising
College Readiness and BEYOND
Therapeutic Coaching
Success Initiatives
Maximizing Opportunities
Gainful Employment for Life
Understanding Personal Potential
Addiction Management

For companies

Discovering new avenues of opportunity;
Planning for a reliable and skilled workforce for the future;
Improving employee productivity, engagement, and motivation;
Finding creative solutions for business development and sustainability;
Developing success teams to support employees and related services of a company;
Transforming company cultures to establish more productive and efficient work environments.

When should you call?

when you are ready -
to reach for your full potential
when you are ready -
to take things to the next level
when you are ready -
for something different
when you are ready -
for a New Start

Concepts drawn from:

  • Life coaching
  • Career counseling
  • Motivation theory
  • Positive psychology
  • Creative problem solving
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Workforce development
  • Human development
  • Work-life integration
  • Win-win scenarios
  • Success initiatives

All with a constant emphasis on continually adding skills and knowledge. Never stop learning.

Are you ready?