Success Plans

You create Success Plans all the time. Every meeting you have with your team, every growth plan you develop for a struggling employee, every new idea you consider – these are all Success Plans. You just don’t call it that, it’s just part of doing business.

But what about a Success Plan for yourself? What keeps you in top shape? Not just physically, that’s common knowledge, but what about the part we can’t see? Are you in top shape mentally and emotionally? Do you address your own Mental Wellness??

If you are like most leaders, this is an area that gets ignored. You are so busy and occupied with keeping the plates spinning and taking care of others, that you get put on the back burner. With the heat left on. The one we forget about.

You can endure this for only so long. Eventually, health issues will begin to surface. Usually starts with minor aches and pains, and other irritations that are easy to ignore. Wait too long and the damage could be irreversible.

This goes for your physical health as well as your mental wellness.

If you don’t allow your brain and your emotional self to recharge, renew, and rejuvenate, you will not have the brain power to keep up with those Success Plans that keep your business going. You know, the ones that keep you employed.

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