Success Plans

Success Plans are pretty simple to understand – it’s a plan for success, or strategies to meet a goal. If you want to be a pitcher on the baseball team, you spend more time working on your pitching skills. That’s a kind of success plan.

You create Success Plans all the time. Even when you want to make a new friend and you come up with a way to introduce yourself, that’s a success plan – your goal was to make a new friend, the strategy was to talk to the prospective friend, the tactic was how to get to talk to the prospective friend.

Got it?

When you are young, it is common to create small success plans that have very short-term goals, like passing a test or trying out for a team. These are fine, but don’t give you much momentum for bigger goals. Your life is often dictated by school, the school year, sports seasons, and the school schedule, all of which are short-term.

Long-term goals are more about what you want for your life - from now, to next year, to graduation, and beyond. You can develop Success Plans for your future. Doing so will give you more options at a younger age, and also, help to ensure you will get what you want out of life, for yourself. You will get further, faster.

Let’s develop your Success Plans for your wonderful life to come. Remember, your future has already started, so you better get in it.

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