Summer Programs

A series of workshops for teens to help them find direction, how to customize their current education situation to fit future needs, AND learn how to build the foundation for success NOW. There is no need to wait until graduation or college or some future event. The future has started – better get in it!

Information in these seminars can save THOUSANDS of dollars on education costs or getting off track.

This series was designed specifically for young people to help them build solid foundations for a successful future. The attention is on career preparation with the intention of guiding young people to prepare NOW for gainful employment, for life. Many of the skills taught will be useful now and well into their professional careers.

Thankfully, many of our schools have put college and career readiness measures in place for students. What we will cover will go beyond what is being done in schools, drawing from current trends in employment and the job market. Our focus is on career development, which is about employment over the lifespan. Feel free to bring any information or assessments completed at school.

Parents, you may feel your child is too young to be deciding on a future career.  We are not choosing careers in these seminars, we are looking at career direction, but really it’s direction for life and how choices made now can affect future opportunities. There are many reasons to begin this process early including what to study in high school or college, but the real intent is to give young people a better sense of themselves – their strengths, interests, and opportunities.

Seminars are independent of each other but taking them as a series will provide maximum benefit.

Don’t get left behind.