P resentations, Seminars or Workshops are available for special events or groups, designed to fit your specific needs and goals. Most common are productivity workshops for employees and educational sessions for young people. Depending on size, presentation format is generally interactive with experiential activities. Workshop format is preferred, because it’s more fun.

Areas of focus

Find Your Brilliance – discover the amazing creation you are.
Company Culture – make your company a great place to work.
Work Smarter and “Funner” – using creativity, efficiency, and personal potential to make work productive, fulfilling, and fun
Career Development through the lifespan – from preparation to beyond retirement.
College Preparation – helping young people be prepared for the independence, rigor, and challenges of college life.
Education Issues – discussing school choice options, and creating a more individualized education experience.
Teens and Adolescents – teen culture, school world, peer pressure, technology, choices, and a foundation for success.
Gainful Employment – includes preparing for the future, focused educational choices, success initiatives, and returning to the workforce after addiction rehabilitation.


*can be customized, combined, and re-created to fit your specific needs

Today’s Teen Culture and Relationships
Counseling or Coaching – what’s the difference?
The Parent Child Contract – Expectations of the Younger Generation
Finding Direction in Life through Career Planning
Work – Life Balance – does it even exist anymore?
The Best Way to Get a Job in Today’s Confusing Job Search
Generation Z – what will their future look like?
How to Prepare our Kids for the Future
When Does Your Future Start?
Teens and “Self-Medication”
Anxiety Counseling –elementary children medicated for anxiety
A Very Different Approach to Bullying Prevention
If Only You Will Like Me, I Will Be Okay
College Degree Equals Good Job – Fact or Myth
Post-Secondary Choices – What are they?
Why Do You Really Want To Go To College
I Got a Degree in This, But Want to Do That
Personal Development – what does that even mean?
The Crystal Ball of Career Tests
What are Kids Learning in School?
You Need More Than a Degree to Get a Job
Soft Skills – What the Heck are They?
The One Thing We Don’t Learn that We All Use
Ahhh, Empty Nest – Are You Ready? Are Your Kids?
Your Future Has Already Started, Better Get in it
Linear Path vs Feather in the Wind
You Will Grow Up, People Will Disappoint You, You Will Fail, Friendships End, Life is Hard, and More Wonders of Life
The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Child
Do your Best Work
Be Your Own Superhero
The Most Valuable Work Asset
Real Job Security - Making Yourself Irreplaceable At Work
Manners – Did We Forget How to Use Them?
Our Country’s Most Valuable Resource – Humans
Parents Have to Grow Up Too
Test Anxiety – It is Very Real
The One Thing Teens Have that Adults Want
Funding Your Life


Rates are determined based on the type of presentation needed. Because presentations are custom designed to the needs of the organization, several factors must be considered in pricing. Please understand only a few are chosen each year.

Rates begin at :

Full day (8 hr) - $5000
Half day (4 hr) - $2500
Quarter day (2 hr) - $1200