Currently, insurance which is accepted is  Ambetter, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, which includes most BCBS products.

If you will go to the Patient Portal listed below, you will be able to log in your insurance information and I will get verification of coverage prior to your appointment. For other insurance providers, I am happy to provide you with information that you can submit for reimbursement, but I cannot guarantee the results.

Patient portal:

For those interested in Custom Programs or Intensives – these programs are not covered by insurance as insurance only covers an hour a week for psychotherapy. I am happy to submit what I can for reimbursement, but again, cannot guarantee the results.

One other word about insurance – if you are someone who needs a high level of confidentiality, I do not recommend using your insurance. The information that has to be reported to an insurance company is a diagnosis and a procedure code, and once this information goes into their system I have no way of monitoring or protecting it. Many of the business owners and celebrities, even pilots, who have seen me in the past have had to be very careful about their privacy so I recommend NOT giving an insurance company information about mental health, unless it’s absolutely necessary, such as an emergency for suicide attempt or medical detox.