Return to Work Program

T he Return to Work (RTW) program was designed especially for addiction treatment centers, to give their clients and patients the skills needed to gain or re-gain satisfactory employment as part of their aftercare plan.

As a treatment center director, you realize the multitude of challenges patients must address when learning to overcome the powerful grip of addiction. There are few that truly understand the complexity of substance use and how it affects so many aspects of someone’s life.

You work hard helping your clients and patients defeat addiction and destructive behaviors. They learn about triggers, trauma, effects on the brain, related behaviors and much much more. There are many struggles to face, and you give them tools and strategies for success.

After completing their treatment program, clients/patients are ready to leave and go back to their lives. For most, this also includes some type of gainful employment. Some will need a new work situation, others will return to a former occupation or career, and still others will be looking for their very first job. All will need support in this important transition.

The transition from treatment to a new life without substance is a challenging one, especially when it comes to maneuvering a job search, which can be confusing and very frustrating. Without support, this can become an avenue for failure, including relapse. Patients need more than a resume and cover letter. As a psychotherapist and addiction treatment provider, I am well aware of the challenges and developed the Return to Work program specifically for those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. An important part of relapse prevention is assisting clients and patients in getting back to work upon discharge. This is a vital part of their aftercare program.

RTW provides focused instruction on maneuvering a challenging job market and not only how to find employment after treatment, but also how to find purpose and fulfillment through job or career.

If you want to take your treatment services to a new level, consider adding RTW to your services. Patients will leave with better tools for managing employment and success at work and you will receive additional income from their longer stay at your facility. Everyone wins.

Call me to discuss how RTW can benefit your clients and get them on a
path of lifelong gainful employment and sobriety.