Master Potentialist

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What is a Master Potentialist, you ask?

A  mental healthcare professional who is exploring new approaches to mental health, that breaks from the traditional concepts of mental illness, disorders, diagnoses and treatment plans, to one more focused on mental wellness and personal potential. For too long we have focused on what is wrong with people, how about we focus on what is right??

A Master Potentialist is very unique. This is a mental health professional with a Master’s level of education and above who is trained and experience in all aspects of mental health and behavioral issues, but has taken this knowledge to a new level. These highly trained practitioners look beyond diagnoses and disorders, and instead focus on understanding an individual’s goals and emotional needs. Instead of checking off a list of criteria for a mental health diagnosis, they are connecting the dots between what you want and underlying attitudes or behaviors that can hinder you from reaching your goals. They help with gaining clarity, seeing the bigger picture, and connecting the dots.

Mental health professionals are trained to dig, diagnosis, and discover. Master Potentialists take this to a new level by looking for your vast potential, especially in areas which you may be unaware, and bringing this into your awareness.

Master Potentialists are visionaries and outside-the-box-thinkers and are passionate about helping others maximizing their success!

Since this concept was developed at NewStarts, stay tuned right here as this exciting new field grows and develops.