Managing Pitfalls is about learning to get up when we fall or fail, AND be okay with it.

Life is full of pitfalls, hurdles, and obstacles. That's life. No one goes through life without some kind or challenge or struggle, some people just have more than others. The more you accept that facing hurdles is part of life, the less anxiety you will have.

Pitfalls are so not fun and certainly we should try to avoid them when possible. Why fall into a hole when you don’t need to? But there are advantages to pitfalls too.

It’s where we learn.

Yes. We learn more from failure than success, and learning to get up when we fall. We learn persistence, resolve, determination, drive, diligence, tenacity, endurance, and GRIT.

And when you look at truly successful people, these are skills they not only possess, but use every day. They are not afraid to fail, because they know it is just part of the process of achieving success.

On the flip side, have you ever met someone who has it easy? Are they happy? Are they accomplished? Are they fulfilled? Do they have skills? Not likely. And they are probably boring too.

Pitfalls are in your future, but you don’t have to be a victim or be defeated by them. Just learn to manage them. It helps when there is someone that knows how to pull you out of those dark holes when you need it. Because sometimes, we can create really deep pits for ourselves.

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