Make it Happen

There’s this concept called “Law of Attraction” that’s kind of interesting. In its most aggressive form, it suggests that if you think about something long enough, it will happen or you will get it.

Welllll, not so much.

Our thoughts do drive a lot of our behaviors and actions, but by themselves, they don’t make things happen. You have to do that.You can try to conjure up some magic with the Law of Attraction, but life doesn’t work that way. It takes action.

Here’s a little better, and healthier, way of explaining Law of Attraction –

What you put out there is what you get back.

That puts a whole spin on it. If you have negative thoughts, negative things will come to you. If you have positive thoughts, you’ll get positive back.

Check it out. Do some people watching. Listen to the things they say, then look at the things that are happening in their lives. See a connection?

Now, our thoughts and behaviors are a whole lot more complicated than the Law of Attraction allows. That’s for a much longer and more interesting conversation. LOA is just a concept, but it’s interesting.

Here’s a question for you – Are you successful? Why not?? Because you can be. Easily.

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