Life Happens

A few years ago, Volkswagen came out with an advertising campaign called “Life Happens”. It was brilliant, and very realistic. The original ads didn’t run a long time, likely because they were too realistic.

But it's so true - life happens. Natural disasters, economic upheaval, and then there’s people. People make bad decisions, disappoint us, move away, change, get sick, even die. People can be the most difficult to deal with, because, people are messy.

Things are never always good or always bad, there is generally an ebb and flow to life. Even when things are very bad, they turn around at some point. The more we accept that, the easier it is to roll with the punches. The trick to managing it is how we react to situations.

Reacting negatively, blaming others or circumstances, or just ignoring it are all pretty common human behaviors. But, these reactions are not helpful. And they do nothing to help you work through difficult situations.

Learning to manage people, situations, and your own emotions is a skill most people don’t learn until they are much older. And usually they learn it from very painful experiences. You can choose to do learn things the hard way, or choose to learn skills now that you can use for the rest of your life.

Life happens and sometimes it’s bad, but life has a way of bouncing back and being really great.

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