Future Leaders

What does a “future leader” look like? When do you start being a “leader”?

The answer is simple.


First, you are already a leader. Second, your future has already started so it’s already here.

Look closely and you’ll see that every child or teen is a leader in one way or another. They may not be the star quarterback or the fastest runner or teacher’s pet. They may make average grades, have average intelligence, look average, and not stand out. But make no mistake. They are not only talented, gifted, and capable - they are leaders.

They are awesome. Their gifts or talents just may not be apparent ….. yet.

Our education system was not designed to cultivate individual strengths so often misses kids that are either average or different. So they need a boost.

To help them discover their leadership qualities, and how to use them. Now. Because, remember, your future has already started. If you start now, you’ll get ahead quicker.

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