COVID19 & Career

Whew, when life happens, it happens. Who saw it coming?? COVID 19 swooped down on us as we were just going about the normal activities of life.

As we wait for the virus to run it’s course and for the “curve to flatten”, thoughts of what the future holds are on our minds. We all want to get back to “normal”, but what does that even mean now? Once we can emerge from our homes, only then will we begin to see what the new normal looks like.

There is no doubt this nasty virus has effected change upon our society. Some things we will expect, like a hit to the economy. Others not so much.

What can we expect as we walk out the front door of our homes?

JOB CRISIS – this is coming unfortunately. It is impossible to know how bad it will be, but it is coming. Jobs will be lost, businesses will be affected, and stores will close. There will be hard times ahead, so this is a very important time to safeguard your job the best you can.

Young people will be at the most risk for losing, or not being able to find, new jobs or positions. They will be competing for fewer open spots with people much older who have years of experience and work history. It doesn’t mean young people are doomed, they will have plenty of opportunities, if they know how to seek, find, and prepare.


  • Shopping habits – what we buy and how we buy it. We were already shopping a lot online, and this will likely increase. It’s more convenient with more variety. Stores with storefronts may cut hours to cut costs. Retailers are going to have to be much more creative in attracting buyer to their physical locations. What we buy may change too, especially after so many people have cleaned out closets during their extra time at home. Less may become part of the new normal.
  • The way we work – this is a big one. Companies have proven they can stay afloat with employees working from home, and many did this with little preparation. Productivity will likely become a very important factor rather than time spent in an office. This has a direct effect on employees, because not productive or effective in your job means you are much more likely to lose it. Companies all over will be paring down and “trimming the fat”.
  • Societal norms – this will be interesting to watch. How do we, as a society, learn to adapt to this very nasty and contagious virus and how will our behaviors change? Will we stop shaking hands like Dr. Fauci recommends? That will be a hard behavior to change but over time, even something as routine as a handshake can change to something else. Maybe we will do “air” fives. Hmmm.

OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE PLENTIFUL – every crisis brings damage and distress and grief and change, all of which are difficult to work through. Yes, jobs and businesses will be lost. Stocks will lose value. Money will be tight. However, every crisis has also brought about opportunity. This time will be no different. There will be a plethora of opportunity, you just need to watch for it. If you are a visionary, this is your time to shine. So start cranking out those ideas! We need them.

Stay safe everyone.