Career counseling is more than taking a career test or writing a resume. It affects all areas of your life, because it has to do with the world of work – something which touches us all. It includes a plethora of skill building, personal awareness, understanding of job market/trends, how to apply education, learning specialized skills, advancing to new levels. Career counseling is about finding fulfillment and meeting personal goals.
We’ve all heard the statistics, but what are we doing about it?? This affects all of us. You, employers, even our kids.



of American workers are unhappy with their jobs.

A whopping


are unengaged at work.


Stress at work can:

affect our physical health
fill us with anxiety
strain emotions
drain our energy
impact self-esteem
cause discouragement
reduce work productivity
put pressure on our relationships
detract from the important things in our lives

Work stress doesn’t just affect us, it can affect our families too.


And how does this affect businesses? Poor motivation, low productivity, lack of creative problem solving, wasted time etc. can affect the bottom line – the success and sustainability of a business. And if businesses are not successful or sustainable, there are no jobs. Unemployment affects everyone, and weakens our economy. We know what that’s like, so let’s keep our businesses strong and folks working.


And here’s one more thing to consider – our young people. Not only does our work stress take away time from our families and our kids, we are operating on some very out-dated ideas for our kids’ futures. Things have changed a LOT in the past few years in career planning, education, opportunities, job search, and work life balance. Unfortunately, our kids are not getting educated on these changes so they are not being adequately prepared for success in a fast changing competitive world. We DO NOT want our kids to become part of the statistics above. They deserve better!

We need to change things. Not just for mental and physical health, but for our country as well. And we can. We have the knowledge, the tools, and the motivation to be more successful, both at work and at home. So let’s do it. Especially for our kids, there is much to lose here.

Consider this – College is not the end game, Career is.