Young Adults

T he situations around our young people is complex and confusing. They have more opportunity than any age group before them, and yet, most are underemployed and underutilized. Many are stuck in dead end jobs. They are competing for employment with people twice their age, who have more experience in both work and job search. They need direction and knowledge on how to maneuver a very challenging and fast changing job market.

Young adults are at a particular disadvantage these days. Too many graduate from high school without adequate skills or plans for the future. They were told from a young age, ‘just go to college so you can get a good job’. So they did. They go to college, push through years of school, graduate with that magical degree, then say…..

Now what????

We didn’t tell them how to figure out the next steps, they thought they would get that in college.

Many young adults are stuck, confused, frustrated, but want more for themselves. It’s time for a change. Time for a New Start. So let’s get started. And don’t wait. The longer our young adults stay unemployed, underemployed, or failing to launch into independence, the more they will fall behind. This happens quickly for our 20-somethings, and can seriously affect their job prospects for the future. We need to get busy.

Call asap and let’s get going. You need to get on this now!