O ur young people are bombarded with distractions and negative messages. Help safeguard their future by helping them develop a plan for the future. NOW! Whether they are in college, in high school, in middle school, or haven’t launched yet. Don’t keep waiting. There is more at stake than you may realize. I’ve seen too many kids whose lives have gone off course, which is painful and expensive. Let’s practice prevention!

It’s very important young people discover their special talents and abilities and how these can be applied to a rewarding career. We need to build a solid foundation for the future – from the ground up.

Adolescents and teens who understand their interests and abilities are better prepared to:

  • Target opportunities to develop the “extras” that top colleges want to see in their applicants, i.e. research participation, leadership initiative, work experiences, etc., the kinds of experiences that provide students with the soft skills that are highly sought after by employers in all fields.
  • Succeed in being offered important college internships, which give them an edge in getting a good job after graduation.
  • Take the right courses in middle and high school, particularly when college courses are being considered as part of a strong academic record.
  • Make good choices for themselves that are based more on their personal goals rather than peer pressure.

We need to address:

  1. Future Aspirations
  2. Making Good Choices
  3. Academic Planning starting NOW
  4. Educational Consulting, including school choice
  5. Enrichment and Extracurricular Engagement
  6. College and Career Exploration and Assessments
  7. Career Preparation and Job Search Strategies
  8. How to Look GOOD – for Colleges and Employers
  9. Transitioning from High School Graduation to College Enrollment and Beyond!
  10. Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship – Youthpreneurs

Help young people succeed, today and in the future. The sooner you start, the better.