About You

W hether I am working with an individual or a company, I’m working with people. These people may be singular or a group as in a company or Board of Directors, but regardless, they are people. Individuals with different needs and different goals they want to meet. While many of the tools I use are similar, they are applied differently depending on the situation.

The people I work with are all individuals – adult, teen, young adult, college grad, business owner, executive, boss, community leader, parent, visionary, trailblazer. All who have tremendous potential and ability, even if they haven’t discovered it yet.

My focus is on people, working to resolve challenges and overcome obstacles to success. I help you invent, or re-invent, yourself and create your own New Start.

Areas of focus

Find Your Brilliance – discover the amazing creation you are.
Company Culture – make your company a great place to work.
Career Development Lifespan – from inception to post retirement.
College Preparation – helping young people be prepared for the independence, rigor, and challenges of college life.
Education Issues – discussing school choice options, and creating a more individualized education experience.
Teens and Adolescents – teen culture, teen drama, school world, peer pressure, choices, and a foundation for success.

For adults

Career Management and Advancement Consulting
Career Counseling
Life Coaching
Executive Support
Work Stress
Success Initiatives
Maximizing Opportunities
Addiction Management

For teens and
young adults

Life Coaching
Career Direction
Career Advising
College Readiness
Personal Growth
Success Initiatives
Maximizing Opportunities
Addiction Management

For companies

Improving employee engagement and motivation
Planning for a reliable and skilled workforce for the future
Finding creative solutions for business development and sustainability
Developing success teams to support employees and related services of a company
Transforming company cultures to establish more productive and efficient work environments