Here are a few stories to give you a better idea of the situations and people I work with:

Senior executive vice president of very large and recognized company was having trouble regulating his emotions. Had been diagnosed as bi-polar and was on medication. Was only 2 years from retirement and was afraid he would lose his job. After reducing his anxiety through therapeutic coaching, he found it was easier to keep his mood swings in check. The bi-polar diagnosis was also questionable, as his symptoms did not match the criteria. Finished out his 2 years, retired successfully, and is now selling antique juke boxes for fun.

25 year old man working at a taco shop and smoked pot the rest of the time. Had no ambition, direction, or motivation. Was severely depressed and had isolated from friends and family. After several months, he began to find passion and purpose. Returned to college and got a teaching degree, so he could help young men who struggled in the same ways he had as a teen.

Small business owner who claimed his family was his first priority, but talked constantly about how much money he was making and other company issues. His wife felt more and more alienated, and withdrew emotionally. Owner finally realized his need to talk about his success was more related to his need for security because of an unhappy childhood instead of bragging about dollars. Husband and wife communicate better and make family time a priority together.

Young woman addicted to heroin with several trips to rehab. Decided to completely change her life. She started with finding a job. Even though she had never worked a day in her life and had no work experience, she found a job in one day. Discovered she loved the feeling of accomplishment in her work and gave it her all. Found she was very good at adapting to situations and connecting with customers. In a month’s time, she was promoted and received 2 raises. Developed a plan to return to college and pursue her passion.

Junior executive working in customer engagement. Took job initially to get her out of a job she hated. Quickly she discovered the new job was not her dream job, and anxiety and depression settled in. Came to me for career direction support, but depression was significant at that time and had to be addressed. Was able to process through several incidences of severe grief that she was unaware of, which helped to reduce the anxiety and depression. Began to find things she enjoyed at the job, and realized she was very good at it. Her achievements were recognized by her company. Has doubled her income TWICE in the 5 years she has been with the company.

C-level executive, top earner of his company, feeling completely overwhelmed and overcome by the needs of his department and the lack of support from managing owners. Was considering leaving position, but loved his work and respected the owners. Has a very strong work ethic and very loyal to the company. Realized he was taking on too much of situations in which he had no control, and over a period of time was able to be more strategic about time management and regulating anxiety over things that were not up to his standard. Received sizable raise recently with an $80,000 bonus.